Taxi In Bucharest

Maybe the most accessed way to go from one point to another inside of a crowded city is to pick a taxi. Some useful information are here in order to help you make the best choice.

All the taxis from Bucharest are yellow. They have the price written on the front door of the car. Usually, there is a starting fee (normally, it is equal with the price of one kilometer) and a tariff. Nowadays, the prices start from 1,4 ron/km and go up to 3,5 ron/km, money paid for cars premium like Mercedes or Peugeot 607.

taxiuriYou can find taxis in the most of the busy areas from Bucharest: airports, Gara de Nord, near the commercial centers and in intersections. Also, you can order a taxi. Depending on the location and the hour when you order, the taxi will arrive between 3 and 15 minutes waiting.

All the taxis have charge devices – the taxi driver is bound to turn it on when you get in the car. If the taxi driver doesn’t turn on the charge device, we advice you not to continue.

In our apartments, you will find a list with the telephone numbers of the most trustable taxi companies from Bucharest . You can chose to order a taxi at your address or to take one from the nearly stations.

Taxi 2000
Phones: +4.021.9494 ;+4.0722 94 94 94 ; +4.0745 94 94 94
Starting price: 1, 39 ron
Price per kilometer: 1,39 ron

Taxi Cobalcescu
Phones: +4.021.9451; +4.0723 009 451
Starting price: 1,60 ron
Price per kilometer: 1,60 ron

Taxi Meridian
Phones: +4.021.9444; +4.0723 344 433
Starting price: 1,94 ron
Price per kilometer: 1,94 ron

Taxi Cristaxi
Phones: +4.021.9461; +4.0723 349 461
Staring price: 1,96 ron
Price per kilometer: 1,96 ron

Taxi Grant
Phones: +4.021.9433; +4.0722 123 219
Staring price: 1,90 ron or 3,00 ron for a Mercedes
Price per kilometer: 1,90 ron or 3,00 ron for a Mercedes

Taxi Fly
Phones: +4.021.9440; +4.0747 999 440
Starting price: 2,50 ron or 3,50 ron during the night and for the airport
Price per kilometer: 2,50 ron or 3,50 ron during the night and for the airport