Village Museum

A fascinating outdoor museum...

Village Museum was established in 1936 and was among the first open air ethnographic museums in the world. Dimitrie Gusti Village Museum is one of the biggest tourist attractions of Bucharest. The museum was created by folklorist and sociologist Dimitrie Gusti. The Museum is located in Herastrau Park, an area of greenery and lakes which has over 70 households, with traditional utensils, gathered from all over the country.

muzeul-satuluiBesides the picturesque houses, the Village Museum visitors can see old Romanian furniture, tools, clay objects, icons, rugs and folk costumes. Lifestyle plays traditional Romanian Village Museum in households consisting of complete assemblies. Here you will see houses and outbuildings in Transylvania, Oltenia, Muntenia, Banat, Maramures, Bukovina, Moldavia and Dobrogea.

Besides the outdoor exhibition, the museum holds collections of manuscripts, studies, sketches, drawings, glass negatives, films, negatives or black and white and color photos. Village Museum has many cultural activities which take place frequently. Craftsmen Fair, creative camp “Summer on the street” winter festival custom “frost flowers” or days each year ethnographic areas attract large numbers of visitors.

If you stroll through the museum you get hungry, you should know that there is a small inn, where you can find traditional Romanian food, beverages and sweets.
Village Museum is on Kiseleff at number 28, and can be visited daily from Monday to Sunday between 9-19.