The Romanian Peasant Museum

European Museum Of the Year 1996

Romanian Peasant Museum is part of the European family of Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions. Is a national museum, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture. Possessor of very rich collections of objects, housed in a historic building, in neo-Romanian, a practice museography very different, who occasioned in 1996 EMYA honor award trophy – the European Museum of the Year Award. Original style is prolonged exposure in publications and museum, the Museum shares type Missionary School in the Village or events such as exhibitions, concerts and conferences.
Peasant Museum holds a rich collection of peasant. Heritage Museum has over 90,000 pieces.

muzeul-taranuluiRoamanian Peasant Museum is one of the most active museums in Bucharest. Old for more than 100 years, the museum is not showing its age and it is every day more hectic. The museum has everything: art gallery, library, club, terrace and an outdoor space where, on insertion, you can see movies.

Similar to other major museums in the West, the Romanian Peasant Museum is trying to reinvent itself every day. And succeed. Clubs and open terrace spaces inside the museum are full of turmoil, people of all kinds and especially as different events. Atmosphere, in the museum, is energetic and relaxed.

Peasant Museum is on Kiseleff at number three, near Victoria Square. It is open Tuesday to Sunday, between 10:00 – 18:00.