The National Art Museum

A Royal History...

National Art Museum has three galleries and a royal history.
European Art Gallery, Old Romanian Art Gallery, Modern Romanian Art Gallery exhibited works amount to a modern and attractive manner, every visit is a pleasant and instructive way to spend time.

muzeul_national_de_artaThe history that the museum carries with it, makes this visit a travel in time, because in the place where today is Kretzulescu wing, lord Dinicu Golescu built, between 1812-1820, an impressive proportions house. In time of Alexandru Ioan Cuza the building becomes home rule, and in time of Charles I, winter palace. Decorating the museum after him liking , the king was concerned about setting up a collection of paintings, which today is the nucleus of the European Art Gallery. he palace passes through a phase of changes in Ferdinand’s time and Charles. The destination was changed in 1948 when is decided the opening in these spaces of an art museum, the reception rooms of the central body were assigned to the State Council. During the events of December 1989, the building is damaged 80% over 1000 works of art being damaged or destroyed. From 1990 the building situated in Revolution Square becomes the National Art Museum of Romania.

Between 1990 – 2000 – Museum is closed for extensive renovation and refurbishment works, which range in order to realize its assets, hold only temporary exhibitions, both at its headquarters and abroad.

Since May 2000 are opened successively European Art Gallery, Romanian Modern Art Gallery (March 2001) and Old Romanian Art Gallery (April 2002).
From the museum owned:

Art Collection Museum – located on Calea Victoriei no. 111 (closed by the end of 2010). It is open Wednesday to Sunday between 10:00 and 18:00
K.H.Zambaccian Museum – located on Zambaccian Museum Street no. 21 A.. The museum is open Wednesday to Sunday between the hours: 10:00 to 18:00. Details by phone at +4.021.230 19 20

Pallady Museum – located on Spatarului street no. 22. Open Wednesday to Sunday between 10:00 and 18:00. You can get details by calling at +4.021.211 49 79

The museum is located on Calea Victoriei no. 49-53 and is open all year from Wednesday to Sunday. The museum is closed on Monday and Tuesday, the first and second day of Pentecost, Easter Sunday, 15 August, 25 December.
The cost of a ticket is 15 RON.