Romanian National History Museum

The Most Important Romanian Museum

The institution appeared in 1970 as the first museum of archeology and history of the country. Consequently, there have been brought the most famous treasures, first of all precious metal,in the only public place where safety and visibility could be provided equally. Also, a lot of other pieces of great archaeological and historical exhibitions have arrived in the National Museum to illustrate milleniums of history.

National_History_Museum_Of_RomaniaIt is the most important museum of History and Archaeology in Romania, both in the same size (developed area) and heritage, is also one of the most important contemporary Romanian archeology actors and leader arguing, often in collaboration with the local authorities, in at least 10 archaeological sites every year.

The museum is located on Victoria Road at number 12 and can be visited every day from Wednesday to Sunday (is closed Monday and Tuesday) between 10:00 and 18:00. You can ask for more details at : +4.021.315 82 07