Meeting with friends, watching a game, relaxing and enjoying a complete range of drinks and beer can be the most attractive and entertaining moment of a busy day. If you didn’t decide yet where to go, let us help you with few possible good choices.

1. Terminus Pub & More
pub_1Terminus Bar is located in a select area of Bucharest, on George Enescu street, near Radisson Blue Hotel. The hall is located on two floors (ground floor and basement) and is very tastefully decorated in ’40s style.
During the day is a pleasant and quiet place where you can enjoy a coffee or you can have a business conversation without being disturbed. At night, the building comes alive and everything explodes into a super-party where you are allowed to do what you want – without taboos or prejudices.
– address: George Enescu Avenue no. 5
– reservations: +4.0730.222 555
– website:

pub_22. The Harp – Irish Pub
Irish Pub says all about The Harp. Semi-darkness, smoke, many people sitting at the bar, many foreign people, elegance and a certain formality. Wooden tables and chairs, brick walls, paintings on the walls. And beer and pizza. Nothing special or extraordinary and a place where you can feel good drinking a beer at a wooden table with your friends. Downstairs or upstairs. The floor better, anyway you get there when you will want to go to the bathroom.
The Dubliner pub benefits in the warm season of a terrace located at the entrance of the pub.
– address: Bibescu Voda Avenue no. 1
– reservations: +4.021.335 65 08

pub_33. La Motoare
Surely it’s not the prettiest or most interesting or most foodie, not the “teen”, not the cheapest, not the most expensive, not the best services, not the worst, not the most “urban” place as possible. Perhaps it is somewhere in the middle and attracts people with something different, depending on each. Some people comes to see others, others to be seen, others it’s up on theater, some like it cool, others probably find mass. Less important. What matters is that it is always full and even those who swear, even for well-reasoned, regularly fail here for a beer.
– address: Nicolae Balcescu Avenue no. 2
– relations: +4.021.315 85 08

4. Edgars Pub
If you are in the center of Bucharest in an afternoon, you have a large choice of bars in which to drink a coffee or a beer with your friends. Most of this places are located in the area University-Romana. There are cafes and restaurants or crowded places. But if you want a cheerful place, where you feel good, drinking a beer and speaking with a friend, without pretensions, Edgar’s Pub is the place. At the corner of University and Architecture. Here is the place where good taste meets beer, students meet English pubs.
– address: Edgar Quinet Avenue no. 9
– reservations: +4.021.314 18 43

5. St. Patrick
The pub stands out in nearly vast terraces drew the photocopy from the front because those are dressed in wood, which gives an air of seriousness and requires more respect, especially when the logo on the right and left are two brands of beer such as Guinness and Kilkenny.
If you are passionate about beer, you’ll find that St. Patrick is a little piece of heaven. The menu give you a few rarities, including Radebergerla, Sapporo, but more classic Tuborg draught and bottle, long draught Carlsberg (3.5 liter) pitcher (1.5L), draught, drink, glass, draught-Guinness just come in amounts of more unusual names: a pint is 470 ml, 1500 ml of a pitcher, half-pint and a glass were 250 ml.
– address: Smardan Avenue no. 23-25
– reservations: +4.0749 996 377

6. Lost Society
Public House Lost Society imagines a new world landscape in Bucharest’s pubs. A world in which Bucharest and not only, of all ages will find themselves helped by the light shows that this location will offer daily. For the first time in Bucharest is born a special place that holds the walls of the theater, improvisation, karaoke, parties and live concerts with the novel hottest bands of the moment. A team of 40 people will do the impossible to ensure the existence of the hottest atmosphere from the Bucharest clubs.
– adress: Ion Ghica Avenue (opposite Cinema Pro)
– reservations: +4.0723 076 383
– website:

7. Spice Club
Spice Club is located on Calea Victoriei Avenue, in the same building with Venus fashion house, upstairs. The entry is not too encouraging, it seems that you get into a state enterprise, but once reached the floor, is quite different. The place is arranged American-style pub, but warm, with wood and pleasant lights, suitable for what happens there. There’s a dance floor between the bar and the large stage that although it was early and the party was not started, there were already some ready people. Good music (they often have live music and evenings of jazz and even stand-up comedy on Sundays), and when there’s a band on stage in the middle, they have a beautiful music cocktail. As oldies but goodies, as music from this millennium, R & B and rock, blues occasionally slipped quietly into the playlist, followed by a gentle Rammstein. And of course, the customary necessities bars (do the monkey dance)
– address: Victoriei Avenue no. 21-23
– reservations: +4.021.312 01 36
– website:

8. 100 Crossroads
Unknown intersections with blues highways, blues rock, rock’n’roll, dance, oldies, jazz, folk and classic rock. The weekend-crosswalk: dance, hopping and general insanity on the hottest rhythms of ’60s songs to present. Weekdays karaoke and concerts of folk, jazz, not jazz, electro jazz, fusion, funk, chill out, blues, country, rock, medieval, Acoustic, Experimental & World Music
– address: Mosilor Avenue no. 100
– reservations: +4.0734 330 561

9. Bruno – Wine Bar
Bruno Wine and Coffee Shop, a free place, an introduction to wines from four continents, the careful balance between “L’Aperitif et le digestif ” and a selection of fine cheeses and snacks in a perfectly balanced combination because, like the case of a perfect “marriage”, wine and food can not be separated. Each enhances and strengthens the whole’s experience.
Almost 100 wines from 21 varieties from four continents, from 12 countries …
A South African Shiraz, a Viognier from Argentina, a Chilean Carmen, a Tanna from Uruguay, a Beaujolais from France, a mustache or a Cramposia from Romania …
All this and much more than that, in one small and chic place, on a street in a city that deserves to be explored as much as wines.
– address: Covaci Avenue no. 3
– reservations: +4.0757 557 291
– website:

10. Bordello’s
What a story these old walls could tell…This is Bordello’s slogan and just thinking that this building was a noble home, then house of pleasures and then a hotel, you realize that the place where “lives” now this bar is full of stories. From 1714 until now, the building has seen and lived through many events.
Bordello’s combines harmoniously two totally different types of places. The first is inspired by the history of the place, from the time when people came here for the body’s pleasures. We saw dozens of photographs of indecent mannequins and provocatively dressed ladies who stop your looking when you go quiet on the Selari street. The second influence is from pubs, the bar containing numerous tables, chairs and tv’s for watching football matches.
– address: Selari Avenue no. 9-11
– reservations: +4.0748 881 085
– website: