Parliament House

One of the biggest buildings in the word.

Parliament Palace – or People’s House – as it was known during the communist period is one of the most impressive buildings in the world. The building is registered in the Guinness Book of Records in the “buildings”, in second place in the world after the Pentagon building. In terms of volume, it ranks the third in the world, after the missile assembly building space from Cape Canaveral in Florida and after the Quetzalcoatl pyramid in Mexico and beyond with 2% volume Cheops pyramid in Egypt.

romanianparliament1Parliament Palace has 1,100 rooms, of which 440 are offices, more than 30 rooms and lounges, four restaurants, three libraries, a concert hall and two underground parkings. All materials used for raising and building layout are Romanian. Stone, marble and wood were brought from all over the country, and brocades, tapestries and carpets were made specifically for the building premises.

Currently there are established several institutions: the Chamber of Deputies, the Romanian Senate and the National Museum of Contemporary Art.

Parliament hosting numerous exhibitions, fairs, national or international, charitable and charity balls, cocktail parties, conferences, seminars and political meetings. Rosetti Hall, which is hall of the International Conference Centre, is for concerts and plays.

Parliament House is located in Izvor Street, at number three. The palace is open to the public and provides visit programs in several international languages. Entrance fee is 25 ron for one person and the program is between 10:00 and 16:00. Visiting is individual or group and takes about 2 hours.