Other Good Options

Being such a cosmopolite city, Bucharest can provide various options for multinational tastes, speaking about food, culture, leisure. Don’t hesitate to discover some valuable places in order to enjoy your staying.

1. Taverna Sarbului – balkan restaurant
This is as close to home-cooked Romanian food as you can get. Situated over near the “Free Press” square, the tribunale area, you’ll see the “lodge” style Taverna. With open seating areas both indoors and out, you’ll be able to have a cozy romantic dinner, or a nice business lunch, whatever your desire (yes they even have wi-fi). The meals are very substantial portions, and almost all starters or appetizers are enough for two people. The service is excellent, the staff is very attentive and always “making sure” you’ve got everything you need and your table is clear. Don’t miss the schnitzels and the soups. Pricing is on the reasonable side, with virtually any meal being around the 30 lei range, but the menu is quite large with many options available.
– address : Tipografilor no. 31 (near Herastrau Park)
– reservations : +4.021.490 60 50 ; +4.0727.353 353
– website : www.tavernasarbului.ro

2. Restaurant Excalibur – Romanian restaurant
The waiters all wear authentic medieval clothing and the meals bare ingenious names: ’Knight’s Great Feast’, ‘King’s Plateau’, ‘On the watch, a deer we hunted’, etc. The restaurant has already made a name for itself, being well-known for the impressive size of the meals (menus for 2, 4, 6 persons), which are served without modern accessories such as forks and knives (except upon request).
– address : Academiei Avenue no. 39-41
– reservations: +4.021.314 56 70 ; +4.0730 190 364
– website : www.restaurantexcalibur.ro

3. Restaurant Nicoresti – Romanian restaurant
It is not a luxury restaurant, with major design claims or rigid dress code. The only thing people think when they go there is: Food! Why? Simply because it’s very good for finding things that you hardly eat anywhere else. Not because it is too complicated, but you find there types of food that other chefs tend to ignore.
– address : Toamnei no. 14 (intersection with Maria Rosetti)
– reservations: +4.021.211 24 80

4. Four Seasons – Lebanese restaurant
In Bucharest, there is not only one Lebanese restaurant, but over 5. The restaurant Four Seasons remains the first on their list. It is a premium restaurant that you can try. It is not decorated in Lebanese style, being decorated in warm colors. The strong yellow-orange light is perfectly blended with other colors, which creates a very friendly atmosphere. That will be confirmed with products and serving.
– address: Vasile Lascar no. 81
– reservations: +4.021.212 29 92 and +4.0722 216 666

the_harbour_35. The Harbour – Mediterranean restaurant
The restaurant wants to take you on a trip from port to port, till you find something you really like, for making you feel like you were on an adventure. The wall is full of paintings, compasses and other small accessories, designed to remember the days when you look at Pirates of Dark Water. The food is Mediterranean origin, with a clear emphasis on fish specialties.
– address: Piata Amzei Street no. 10-22
– reservations: +4.021.319 72 57; +4.0724 388 686
– website: www.harbour.ro

6. Agra Palace – Indian Restaurant
From the City of Agra, once capital of the famous Moghul Empire, where the white marble of Taj Mahal guards the banks of river Yamuna, among the Hibiscus flowers and majestic archways, chef Arun Kumar has brought the essential: the mysterious taste of India.
You will find at the Agra Palace the savor of this ancient culture transformed into fantastic pieces of cuisine art. Therefore, welcome lovers of subtle flavors and sophisticated atmosphere!
The restaurant is based on the Nordic Cuisine region where food slightly more spicy. They serve mainly chicken, lamb, seafood, fish, vegetarian or cooked vegetables prepared in many different ways. They are importing these vegetables from England.
– address: Pipera-Tunari Street no. 47
– reservations: +4.021.350 31 14
– website: www.agrapalace.ro

casa_jienilor7. Casa Jienilor – Romanian Restaurant
It is located near one of the most populated areas in Bucharest – Bucur Obor, on Fainari. It looks like”a men’s house”, also you could confuse it, if there wasn’t outside a big advertisment: Jieni’s House. When you open the wooden door, you find, behind it, a true specific Romanian restaurat: towels on the tables, rustic furniture, woven rugs, rustic motifs decorating the walls.
– address: Fainari Avenue no. 5
– reservations: +4.021.212 19 51; +4.0722 916 111
– website: www.casajienilor.ro

hard_rock_cafe_28. Hard Rock Cafe – American Restaurant
Hard Rock Cafe Bucharest is Europe’s largest restaurant chain
American reputation, with three hundred seats inside and 200 on the terrace. A phenomenon
Overall, HRC is a restaurant ‘casual dinner’, a welcoming place where all
the world is welcome, regardless of age or social class. Moreover, one
mottos of Hard Rock Cafe – ‘Love All, Serve All’ is highly suggestive
in this aspect.
The menu includes traditional American food and steaks, pastas, salads,
burgers, desserts, all accompanied by delicious cocktails.
– address: Soseaua Kiseleff no. 32 (inside Herastrau Park)
– reservations: +4.021.206 62 61
– website: www.hardrock.com/bucharest

9. Mandala Restaurant – vegetarian restaurant
Many people think that vegetarians eat only vegetables and raw foods lining the serious. I recommend all who think this to eat a meal in the Mandala. This will radically change their mind. The restaurant is very good not only for vegetarians, but for those skeptical about the variety of dishes without meat. Whichever you choose from the menu, I assure you that you will be surprised. In a good way, of course. For a population that has on the table at least once a week rolls, French fries or snitele, the only reading of the ingredients makes you open your eyes and say ‘No I never thought that this could be on the same plate. I was like this. I do not know how many of the recipes are genuine and how many are taken from aboard. In fact, it has too little importance when you love what you eat. And one thing is certain here: foods are healthy and easy.
Thanks for this to www.raluk.ro
– address: Paleologu Street no. 20
– reservations: +4.0722 654 099
– website: www.mandala.ro

la_fattoria_110. La Fattoria – Italian restaurant
In a stylish atmosphere and a tradition specific restaurant “La Fattoria” is pleased to invite you to the most delicious Italian cuisine prepared by traditional recipes with ingredients and spices brought especially from Italy.
In addition to traditional pizza, pasta, salads and chicken, pork, beef and fish, each week the chef from “La Fattoria” recommends a menu to satisfy even the most refined tastes
– address: Soseaua Nordului no. 7-9 (inside Herastrau Park)
– reservations: +4.0729 994 995
– website: www.lafattoria.ro