Non-Stop Restaurants

If your arrival in Bucharest happens to be late in the night or if you party till the morning, you must be aware that you can have several options to serve a tasty meal in the city, at any hour. Therefore we are thinking about your comfort and we are presenting you the best alternatives of non-stop restaurants.

open24hoursneonZet Restaurant is open non-stop and it looks like the chef is always in a cooking mood. And not anything, but even sophisticated dishes, because the restaurant has international cuisine. Waiters are friendly and very prompt, at least for hours submitted. You can try to eat soups, salads, meuniere perch, salmon fume, pasta with chicken, green chicken, grilled vegetables and more. Zet restaurant and summer terrace are waiting.
– address : Justice Palace Street no. 60 (Unirii Square area)
– reservations : +4.021.337 49 00, +4.021.337 0115

Select Restaurant is located in the Romana Square, it is one of the ideal places for eating something good in the morning. The restaurant is international and it has lots of recommendations. The waiters and service are not strengths of the restaurant, but probably as great as zander preparations Beurre Blanc involtini over shrimp, spaghetti alla Panna, muscle beef with dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese and many other delicious dishes will help you to go over it .
– address : Drobeta Street no. 23 (at the intersection with Tunari)
– reservations: +4.021.210 16 51
– website:

Pui de Urs Restaurant is waiting for you in Regie area. The restaurant is open around the clock, and people coming here in the morning ranging from students who break the party or disco, to people coming from downtown. In any case, people are ok, service is ok – the waiters are already running a little because the restaurant is fully non-stop – and the food is good. However, you can eat in the restaurant from hot and cold soups, salads to cooked fish, chicken, seafood, beef or pork.
– address : Econom Cezarescu Street no. 42
– reservations : +4.021.316 62 89
– website:

dristor1Shorley Restaurant is used by the students form Regie for eating something in the morning hours. Shorley is known as an eat more, cheaper, better and nonstop restaurant. In Shorley is common to present you raw meat before cooking to approve it, so do not worry if this happens. Shorley has an international cuisine, so you can eat from soups to dishes of chicken, fish, beef and pork.
– address : Econom Cezarescu Street no. 50
– reservations : +4.021.312 43 12

Dristor Kebap – Dristor Kebap is locally famous in kebap; own right, with multiple locations scattered around Bucharest. With the perfect balance of seasoning, meat, french-fries, with sauces, and even jalepeno peppers if you desire these “large” shaormas that can feed you for two meals. At 16 ron for a meal including french fries you cant go wrong.
– address : Marasesti Boulevard nr 42
– phone : +4.021.336 35 36 (they even have home delivery)