National History Museum Of Bucharest

Inaugurated in 1959 as Museum of Bucharest

The Museum of History and Art of Bucharest, based in Sutu Palace is located near the “Kilometre Zero” of Romania, on Bratianu Avenue No.2 in sumptuous residence of the Grand Chamberlain C. Gregory Sutu, built in 1833, by the architects Johan Veit and Konrad Schwink. The museum holds nearly 400,000 objects preserved from archaeological research, donations and purchases made with funds provided each year by City Hall.

Muzeul_BucurestiuluiThe accounting departments, heritage preservation and processing work on Victoria Avenue no. 151, known as Cesianu house. It also includes a database of the institution of over 15,000 sheets of houses, streets, squares and monuments demolished during the communist period.

The museum is located on Boulevard Bratianu No. 2 and it can be visited every day (from Wednesday to Sunday) between 10:00 and 18:00. You can obtain more informations at: +4021 315 68 58