Cotroceni Museum

The residence of the Romanian President

In 1679 Mr. Serban Cantacuzino built on the Cotroceni hill a monastery. The church and the monastery annexes were built during two years. Serban Cantacuzino’s work was continued by Constantin Brancoveanu, who often arrived at the monastery. In 1862 Alexandru Ioan Cuza decided to use the monastery Cotroceni as a princely summer residence.

palatul_cotroceniPresidential Palace is undoubtedly a jewel of the city. The restoration of the palace and the church must be celebrated as a very special event. It’s a real joy to be able, finally, after so much time, to enjoy this architectural masterpiece. After the events of 1989 the Palace became the official residence of the President of Romania.

The museum is closed during Mondays – is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 09:30 and 17:30. Access is based on ID ant the fee is 12 ron (3 euro) .You can schedule your visist at: +4.021.317 31 07.