There is a saying that “during the night, all the cats are black“. But in the clubs that open when the night is falling, the “cats” are black, white, colorful and the music it makes you dance until the first ray of light. You cam meet the most beautiful ladies, the most handsome men and the most expensive cars in the same place only if your choice is dance.

1. Bellagio Club
cluburi_1One of the newest high-class clubs in Bucharest, Bellagio is an important presence among the attraction places on the map of this kind of activities for the contemporary aristocracy. The excentric and cosmopolite atmosphere of the club reunites decorative elements in art nouveau style, floral graphical ornaments, lacqued sofas arranged geometrically in amphitheatre format, 47 plasma screens, stately chandeliers and a catwalk stage, all in strong light and disco laser colors.
– address: Stefan Cel Mare Boulevard no. 31(intersection with Lizeanu)
– reservations: +4.0722 323 324
– website:

cluburi_32. Le Gaga
Le Gaga is a relaxing complex composed by restaurant, three terraces and lounge, all located in an area of 2700 square meters of green space in semi-shade, with exotic plants and century oaks.
Located in a calm and natural framework, Le Gaga is the perfect place for relaxing, a refuge located in Herastrau Park, away from city bustle. Chic and modern, Le Gaga is designed to align the principles of nature and along with this creating a sophisticated and relaxing atmosphere. L e Gaga invites you to refresh yourself on hot summer days or to relax at the end of tiring days enjoying the most delicious cocktails and the most inviting dishes.
Le Gaga Terrace is open every day starting at 18.00, and fun continues at the Lounge unntil morning regardless of weather conditions!
– address: Herastrau Park (entrance from Nordului Street)
– reservations: +4.0727 534 242
– website:

3. Kristal Glam Club
Kristal Glam Club is definitely the best club in Romania. The awards received in recent years have proven the value of the club, but most counts the atmosphere and the amazing atmosphere is created by the public, which is present week by week, in Kristal Glam Club. The Kristal Club is composed of two rooms – lounge room and main room. Although not a large area, lounge room has a separate bar and can accommodate about 50 people standing or on sofa.
The two entrances located at the left and right parts of the bar access the Main Room. Giant chandelier, hanging from the ceiling (hence the club name – Kristal), side dining, bar, dancing cubes on stage with entertainers and DJ console are the main landmarks.
– address: Johan Sebastian Bach Avenue no. 2
– reservations: +4.0721 993 988
– website:

4. Cuando Club
It is a luxury downtown club where parties invite you to total enjoyment. Here, live is lived on music’s rhythm, near the DJs, and the nymphs of Venus invites you to a cup of nectar endless pleasures. Cuando Club, opened in 2000, is the ideal place for an evening of desolation. Every weekend, from Thursday to Saturday parties are explosive under the command of resident DJ and the hottest girls in town will dance for you until the end of the party.
– address: Academiei Avenue no. 35-37
– reservations: +4.0722 505 085
– website:

5. Elements Herastrau
The concept that best defines the Elements Herastrau finds its essence in life’s duality: ancient and modern, past and future, light and dark, wood and metal, simple and sophisticated. Combining primary elements Elements Herastrau embodies an innovative concept restaurant, lounge and club – all in one place.
Herastrau Elements is perfect for all those like you: lack of inhibitions, full of energy and that follow a single rule: fun till dawn!
– address: Nordului Avenue no. 7-9
– reservations: +4.0734 123 456
– website:

6. Downtown
At Downtown the fun is always on the house. There aren’t to many places where you can find such beautiful, sexy and sophisticated women like here. The bartender would work for free just to be here. Our tips for great fun : have your vitamin W (as in Whiskey) and go for it !
From 09:00 you can have your daily cup of coffee here – you can choose from 15 sorts of coffee and 20 sorts of tea. At 21:00 the whole place switches to a classy bar with good music and entertainment.
– address: Mendeleev Avenue no. 32-34
– reservations: 021.314 86 06
– website:

7. Fratelli Lounge & Club
In the evening, you hardly can pass into Fratelli because the man that stand near the entrance door asks you about the reservation and says that the club is full. If you wait a few minutes, you get in and dance until the morning.
Fratelli combines the best music combined with an exquisite decoration, fine drinks and most beautiful girls in town. Try Fratelli and you will live one life time experience
The club is hosting the latest fashion collections for well known Romanian designers, premium events for premium brands and it can be successfully placed in the first night attractions in Bucharest.
– address: Glodeni Avenue no. 1-3
– reservations: +4.021.311 66 76
– website:

8. Gaia
Often we get bored with what we usually drink in the club and we feel the need to try a new flavor, more fresh, something different. But it seems so hard to choose from hundreds cocktails more or less colored with complicated names which we forget every time. It looks like easier to tell the bartender: “Give me something good!”. On one side if Gaia’s bar is a character that sure will attract your eyes. It’s a skinny guy with a bit weird and always wearing shirts with messages and drawings made by himself. Surrounded by many instruments, he doesn’t seems like preparing a cocktail, but rather a magic formula in a chemistry lab.
So was born “Ionut”. The desire of people to be surprised with new flavors and not to loads their memory with strange names.
If you have not meet him yet, go with confidence to the bar and ask for an “Ionut”. … It’s a very sociable cocktail!
– address: Banul Antonache Avenue no. 40-44
– address: Tarmului Avenue no 19 (The Summer Terrace)
– reservations: +4.0723 610 933
– website:

9. The Office
The Office is a place full of character where you can not only have a great time, but also experience the latest trends in music, style and fashion
Should there be summer or winter, you can always go to The Office in Predeal (Romanian mountain resort) and enjoy the the fine, relaxed atmosphere or, at the seaside, in Mamaia where, since 2005, The Office Lounge has seriously challenged the night life by the sea.
The Office maintains its elitist edge by regularly inviting media moguls, entertainment and sports stars to its functions and populating them with beautiful yet impossible to approach young women.
– address: Tache Ionescu Avenue no. 2
– reservations : +4.0745 110 064
– website :

10. Daimon Club
Centrally located, near Tineretului Park, Daimon Club is addressed to night entertainment lovers and offers an intensive program of music and dance. It is the ideal location for those that love electronic music, the club having permanently well-known guests, DJ and clubbers from all around the word.
Daimon Club is the new part of Daimon Complex. The new space has been specifically conceived and designed to accommodate all types of entertainment projects combined into one outdoor vendor framework, complemented by a generous pool.
Outdoor concerts, parties with live music, turbulent Sundays, long weekend, fun at the pool, music sunrises…
– address: Piscului Avenue no. 10 (close to Sala Polivalenta)
– reservations: +4.0731 300 833
– website: