According to the legend, coffee was discovered in Ethiopia, where it grew wild. Some shepherds discovered that their flocks didn't sleep during the night after eating coffee.

1. Cafepedia – Romana
It is one of the most beautiful cafes in town, situated in an exceptional location, on the Arthur Verona Street no2, opposite the restaurant La Mama. A classic villa, wonderfully restored. The cafe is divided in three zones: a beautiful classic cafe terrace on the ground floor, lounge on the 1st floor and an intimate area for special events in the attic.
– address: Pictor Verona no. 2
– reservations: +4.0721 102 102
– website:

turabo_cafe_12. Turabo Episcopiei
A special place where you can enjoy one outstanding coffees, drink a cocktail whose name you will find hard to pronounce or calming your hunger with delicious dishes. Every local or national holiday themed decorations and offerings come to complete the image of a modern customer-oriented location.
– address: Episcopiei no.6
– reservations: +4.0726 887 226
– website:

alsy_cafe3. Alsy Café
Alsy Cafe is the most intimate and most relaxing café from Amzei Square. A small cafe with good service and dishes, where you can enjoy a pleasant conversation and delicious drinks in friend’s company. And occasionally, you can skip the diet and try one of the delicious cakes.
– address: Church Amzei no. 29
– reservations: +4.0720 241 527
– website:

4. Plach
Coffee has morning taste, food is from around the world, events are held only if you come. This place can be used for discussions and parties. And if there are ideas – looking forward to their owners – they say – that they didn’t open the café to sell coffee, but to meet people.
In Plach shave a lot, drunk with lust and listen good music. Between friends.
– address: Dacia Boulevard no. 153-155
– reservations: +4.0722 448 080
– website:

5. Serendipity Coffee and Tea
We invite you for a ride on one of the most beautiful streets of Bucharest. They say that the spring comes first to Red Grove! Hidden among the ivy walls you will find a special place, completely cut off from the daily bustle, a place that is showed only to those prepared to dream! You pass a bridge before you get into the garden where you discover the happiness of being with you and others! Here, we are waiting for you with flavored tea, gingerbread and gem. We have coffee and delicious hot chocolate, too. The most special thing is that in the sunny days, we paint vases, jugs and kettles, and draw with pencils. address: Dumbrava Rosie no. 12
– reservations: +4.021.211 3100, +4.0743 283 343
– website:

6. Rooms
Open from early in the morning until late in the night, here you find room for your favorite coffee. Add a choice of French or continental breakfast. Newspapers and internet complementary. It is composed by 10 rooms and it doesn’t offer only coffee, but restaurant, lounge and bar, too. In summer time, the lunch or the dinner can be taken on one of the two terraces or in the balconies from the first floor.
– address: Mendeleev Avenue no. 28-30
– reservations: +4.0730 076 667
– website:

embassy_club7. Embassy Club
Swings, palm trees, umbrellas. No, this is not some fancy place in an exotic town, it’s a terrace called Embassy in Lahovary Square in Bucharest. The location is excellent, so if you are tired of fast food restaurants from downntown, you just need to walk a few minutes to Embassy, a place where food supply is more varied and healthier.
– address: Lahovary Square no. 8
– reservations: +4.0733 500 300
– website:

8. Grand Café Galleron
Galleron Cafe deserves its name Grand Cafe. It is a business class and elegance café, which will make you feel royally treated every time you will cross the threshold. Many people say that it is a luxury café, but something makes me think that they only looked from outside, without making a visit. Galleron Grand Cafe is a cafe business, where wireless Internet and laptops present in 80% of the costumer’s tables will inspire you to bring your clients or business partners with whom you want to talk and feel comfortable. The friendly waiters and the ensure menu will make you return as often as needed.
– address: Nicholae Golescu no. 18
– reservations: +4.021.312 4565
– website:

9. Verde Café
It doesn’t look like anything you have seen before. While some owners are trying to arrange their property with the latest trends, Verde Café filled its space with second-hand furniture. It is the only one place in Bucharest where you can drink inka, a tasty drink, which can replace coffee, but it is made without caffeine. This surprise is supplemented by other special drinks, because the owners were thought to prepare sodo and chocolate milk. If someone may be reluctant about the cafe, he will change immediately him opinion tasting any of these goodies.
– address: Domnita Ruxandra no. 15
– reservations: +4.0731 308 823
– website:

chocolat10. Chocolat
Chocolat – Createur of Gout – represents a unique concept from Bucharest’s landscape, inspired by the premises very popular from 1930s France, is an unexpected mix between cafeteria, bistro, cafe and bakery. Theo (owner of the premises) creates at Chocolat an original range of tastes, from salty to sweet, a range of tastes and flavors whose secret only he knows.
We are sure that bliss offers delicious and carefully chosen Chocolat will make it one of your favorite cafes, the place where you will metamorphose whims a pleasure and an irresistible temptation.
– address: Victoria Avenue no. 12 A (entrance Stavropoleos)
– reservations: +4.021.314 9245
– website: