Arch Of Triumf

Commemorates the participation of Romania in the First World War

The Arc de Triumph is a monument located in the north of Bucharest, sector 1, at the intersection of 4 avenues: Kiseleff, Prezan Constantin, Alexandru Averescu and Alexandru Constantinescu. The monument, designed by Petre Antonescu, was built between 1921-1922 and renovated between 1935-1936. It commemorates the victory of Romania in the First World’s War.

arcul-de-triumfThe southern facade is beautifully adorned with two bronze medallions, which depict the faces of King Ferdinand and Queen Mary, which replace the original destroyed by the communist regime after the ’80s. In their place were applied two large stones, which were removed after 1989 and resumed the royal faces instead.

Read over each medallion is a victory in relief, work of sculptors C. Baraski and M. Constantinescu. On the northern front, there are two medallions were carved faces Manhood and Faith. Manhood depicting a warrior with a sword, work of grief I. Jelea and faith on that of a young man with a cross, author C. Baraski. The victories over them are executed by sculptors D. Onofrei and C. Medrea.

Stones of the arch of the Arc de Triumph are submitted battle war (Marasesti, Oituz, etc.), and the side facades are submitted by people when King Ferdinand proclaimed the country entered the war in Alba Iulia and during the coronation.
Unfortunately – the monument is open to the public only rarely. It an be visited only outside.